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Mina and the Count is an animated television series created by Rob Renzetti, which was never brought into development as a full-fledged series. Instead, animated shorts of this series aired on the two animation anthology showcases, Cartoon Network's What a Cartoon! and Nickelodeon's Oh Yeah! Cartoons. Despite much demand by fans to get it shown as an official series, Frederator Studiospresident Fred Seibert confirmed there is currently no development of the show as a whole whatsoever.

Vlad the Count: A 700 year old immortal vampire with light blue skin and a blue cape and a black suit. In his past, he probably made a living drinking young women's blood. Thanks to Mina Harper, he represses his evil tendencies. He has many powers, including the abilities to transform into a bat or mist, use telekinesis, and to hypnotize people and animals to do his bidding. He finds comics and toys amusing (again, thanks to Mina Harper) and is very intelligent. He believes that "mortal food" is disgusting.

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