Character in film Family Dog (TV series)

Family Dog is an American animated television series that aired in the summer of 1993 on CBS. Created by Brad Bird, the series was about an average suburban family, the Binsfords, as told through the eyes of their dog. It first appeared as an episode of the TV showAmazing Stories, then was expanded into a very short-lived series of its own.[3][4]

Original episode Edit

In the original Amazing Stories episode, which aired in the show's second season in 1987, a dog (a Bull Terrier simply called "the dog") is the main character, portrayed in three stories: The first story involves general misadventures around the house, with him being both ignored and somewhat mistreated by his owners, originally named the Binfords. The second part is a "home movie" showing their Christmas (in which the family narrates), that culminates with the dog eating the ham. In the third, final and elongated segment of the episode, a couple of robbers break into the family's house twice (the first time was when the Binfords had to go out to see a movie at amovie theater, and the dog was given one more chance before the second time), so the father sends the dog to Gerta LaStrange's DogObedience School, so he can learn how to become a "quivering, snarling, white-hot ball of canine terror" in order to fend off the robbers. However, when they return to try to rob the house the third time, they run away from it to try avoid and escape from the dog, but when they return to their hideout, which is full of their stolen stuff (they came back with nothing from their third robbery), the second, shorter-bodied robber discovers the dog attached to his arm, with his teeth. Time passes, and the dog is still stuck to his arm. A policemaninvestigating the robberies approaches the door, burst in and the dog attacks him. The villains praise the dog, and decide to use him as a weapon in a crime spree (featuring the dog and his attacks and robberies). Later the robbers threaten to get a cat when the newspaper refers to them as "The Dog Gang". Already angered by this annoying humiliation, the dog becomes too much for the robbers to take, as he turns on them, causing an auto accident in which the robbers hit a cop car and are busted. The dog is returned to the Binford family, who now consider him their hero. The story ends with a catch-up gag, with the father stuck outside the house, as he tries to whisper to his wife to let him in. He then sneaks behind the house into the backyard, only to be attacked by the still-quivering, snarling, white-hot ball of canine terror.

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