The Elementals

The Elementals are a group of evil masks who have the power to manipulate a particular element and cause chaos across the world. Their only appearance is in Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex where they gave Crunch powerful abilities. Dr. Neo Cortexused them as a power source for Crunch when he was brainwashed and still evil. After Crash defeated them they were sealed away in a hibernation state again.

Py-Ro Edit

“Hope you brought your sunscreen, cause you're gonna burn!”

Py-RoThe Wrath of Cortex

The strongest and the most evil of the ancient Elemental masks, Py-Ro controls the element of Fire. His temper is known to go off like a volcano when perturbed. He has a somewhat calm personality, that is somewhat insane. He, as expected, has an affinity with fire. He can conjure fire, from the ground or as a wall, and transforms Crunch into a load of smoldering rocks in his form. What's ironic about him is that his voice does not fit his appearance. He is voiced by Mark Hamill in the English version and voiced by Toshitaka Shimizu in the Japanese version.

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