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Orddu, Orwen and Orgoch

The Witches of Morva (OrdduOrwen and Orgoch) are three anti-heroes from Disney's 1985 feature film The Black Cauldron. Infamous for making bargains, they sold the Black Cauldron for Taran's Magic Sword.


The Black Cauldron

In the film, as Taran, Eilonwy and Fflewddur go looking for the Black Cauldron, they eventually find it in the three witches' possession. The witches are quite unwilling to give the Cauldron up, however, even though Orwen develops a soft spot for Fflewddur; asking if she can pluck his harp, inquires if anyone can perform marriages while pushing him into her massive boobs and turning him back into a human from a frog with a seductive blow of a kiss. Once Taran reveals he intends to destroy the Cauldron, they laughingly trade the Cauldron for his magical sword, but it is only after the trade that they cackingly reveal the Cauldron cannot be destroyed; the only way to break its power is for a living being to willingly enter it, and that being would never be able to leave it alive. As it turns out, obtaining the Cauldron was not a smart move on Taran's part at all; with the Witches, it would've been secure forever, though now that it is his possession, the guards of the Horned King immediately come and take it.

After the Horned King is defeated and Gurgi has broken the Cauldron's power by jumping into it, the Witches appear to retrieve the Cauldron. Fflewddur stops them by asking for a bargain to return the Cauldron. Orwen offers Taran his sword back, but Taran declines in order to initiate a different trade: the cauldron in return for them restoring Gurgi. They are reluctant, but once Fflewddur accuses them of having no real power, the witches fly into a fury, vanishing in a tornado with the Cauldron and leaving Gurgi's body behind.

Their role can be viewed as stricly neutral rather than protagonistic, antagonistic or even anti-heroic; they never pick a side between the mortals and the Horned King.

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