Numbuh 1
  • Numbuh 1 / Nigel Uno (voiced by Benjamin Diskin) - A bald English boy who is rarely seen without his trademark sunglasses and does not put complete trust in anyone but his teammates. He wears a red long sleeve shirt, gray shorts, and brown boots with rocket jets. Nigel is a workaholic who consistently puts business before himself. In the movie "Operation Z.E.R.O.", he mentions that Numbuh 2 is his best friend. Throughout the series, his girlfriend is Numbuh 49, but their relationship came to an end in the final season when she explained that she was tired of him repeatedly putting KND priorities over her.[10] He is the only operative on his team without a sibling, though he shares a sibling-like relationship with his cousin Numbuh 10. He is the first KND operative to be selected for Galactic Kids Next Door from planet Earth. His last name, Uno, is Italian and Spanish for "one".
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