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Lucius Best (a.k.a. Frozone) (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) is a long-time friend of the Parr family. Frozone is Bob Parr's best friend, and was the best man at Bob and Helen's wedding. Similar to the Marvel Comics superhero Iceman, Frozone has the power to freeze water, or even ambient moisture in the air. He is limited by the amount of water available, either in liquid form, or in the air. It is also indicated that he can use the moisture of his own body, and that dehydration weakens his abilities as a result. During the movie, it is suggested that he has adapted to civilian life much more easily than his long-time friend, Bob Parr, though he still possesses a hidden cache containing his costume and all of his old gadgets in working condition.

He married a woman whom he refers to as Honey, who is aware of his superhero past. Lucius is best friends with Bob, and a close friend of Helen and the kids, who are the only supers he socializes with following the banning of superheroes. Whenever Lucius and Bob go out on Wednesdays to engage in superheroics, they have to cover from their respective wives by claiming to be going bowling, but they stop going out when Bob is caught by Helen.

Lucius's super suit is designed to keep him warm in the cold, but he must wear a special set of refraction goggles not only to protect his identity, but also to protect his eyes fromthe glare of the sunlight that bounces off his ice crystals. The soles of Frozone's snowboots can change into ice skates, alpine ice skis, and a concave disc he uses as a snowboard. These forms of transport, combined with chutes of ice, result in particularly speedy travel.

Frozone was ranked number 16 in Empire magazine's list of the Top 20 Pixar Characters.[3]

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