300px-Longhair & Doubledome Good Wheel Hunting Title Card

Longhair and Doubledome: Good Wheel Hunting was a short created by Gavrilo Gnatovich and produced by Knock-Knock Cartoons for the Cartoon Network. The short premiered on Cartoon Cartoon Fridays on July 28, 2000 as one of ten contenders for Cartoon Network's Big Pick, the winner of which would become the next Cartoon Cartoon. The short did not win The Big Pick, and was not picked up by Cartoon Network to become a full-length series. However, anotherLonghair and Doubledome short "Longhair and Doubledome: Where There's Smoke...There's Bob" was produced in 2002.

Plot Edit

This cartoon follows two philosophical cavemen: Doubledome, a jolly but dimwitted caveman and Longhair, a rather smart caveman with a attitude problem, as they attempt to devise a plan that will help them obtain fruit from a tree that sits atop a high cliff.

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