Lawrence "Chunk" Cohen is one of the Goonies and serves as Mikey's sergeant. He is a chronic liar, which is why most characters in the film don't believe him even when he tells the truth. He's also fond of pulling pranks, but does have a conscience. This was revealed when he tearfully confesses to the Fratelli family about mixing fake vomit and pretending to throw-up at a movie theatre, thus starting a chain reaction of vomiting from he audience. According to Chunk, he "never felt so bad in my entire life.".

Mouth makes Chunk do an embarassing dance called the "Truffle Shuffle" which is where Chunk stands up, wiggles his stomach, and makes noises.

Chunk and his family are Jewish, having mentioned possessing Hanukkah decorations in their attic, and portraying Moses in a Hebrew school play during his fifth grade year.

Chunk can tell the flavor of ice cream by smelling it from a distance. He can do the same thing with pizza

Chunk possesses a large appetite. When the Goonies discover the body of an FBI investigator in the Fratelli's hideout, Chunk was still clutching ice cream.

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