Helen Parr (a.k.a. Elastigirl or Mrs. Incredible) (voiced by Holly Hunter) is Mr. Incredible's wife. Helen can stretch any part of her body up to 100’ (34 m) and can be 1 mm thin. She can also reshape her body in a variety of ways. In the movie she becomes a parachute and a rubber boat, and has used her arms for swings and a slingshot. In her early years she seemed to be a feminist and had no desire to "settle down". Since her marriage to Bob Helen has become a dedicated spouse and mother, and is frustrated with her husband's continuing dreams of glory. Helen is also an experienced jet pilot (coming from having a close friend who flew her around the world when she was a Super). Her sharp wit and superb espionage skills, as well as her experience as a superhero, make her an excellent tactician and leader. Her super suit is described by Edna Mode as designed to "stretch as far as [she] can without injuring [herself] and still retain its shape. [It is] virtually indestructible yet it breathes like Egyptian cotton." Elastigirl is a nod to Mister Fantastic, from the Marvel Comics team the Fantastic Four, who can also shape shift like Elastigirl.

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