Gibson "Gibbs" Giberstein (voiced by Seth Green) - Gibbs was the original blue team member and second in command. Gibbs, being the brains of the group, resented being overshadowed by Palmer, who hogged all the glory. He also has a general hatred towards the team, such as Jodi and Sasha's constant bickering and Spud's carefree attitude. It would be Palmer's betrayal of Gibbs, prior to the group being disbanded (Palmer purposely stranded Gibbs in space, in order to attend a party he wanted to go to), that would cause him to denounce good and become a villain. After the group disbanded shortly after Gibbs reunited with his teammates (none of which cared that Palmer had abandoned him), Gibbs disappeared and began his evil scheming to conquer the solar system, ultimately losing his eye in an unrevealed incident. During a TV interview, he announces his plan to conquer the solar system, crush anyone who opposes him, and name himself "Super King Big Nuts". He had past relations with teammate Jodi, and constantly flirts with her in spite of Sasha claiming that he ended it. He has many habits: saying "MOOOOOOOO!" to get his teammates' attention, stating personal actions for no reason ("Time to take a dump!"), excessively giving the finger when mocking his adversaries to the point that he will press buttons with it, and mixes his insults with flirting. He also has a running gag of when he takes a dramatic pose, he is hit in the balls (usually by Palmer). He is extremely intelligent, and is usually able to achieve his goals by tricking Titan Force Five in some way, while his minion or monster may be defeated, he always achieves his true goal.

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