Crunch: Character in film animated "Orbots Mighty".

A stoutly robust (sic "chubby") male robot who's personality seems to be focused on one thing; simply put, Crunch loves to eat. His prime ability – coupled with his steel trap-like jaws and teeth – allows him to consume ANY materials available (metal, stone, glass, circuits, garbage, etc.) and digest it so it can be converted into energy. Often he's a subject of comic-relief due to his eating habits. Crunch seems simple-minded, but he does prove to have some brains, and is a good friend and a steadfast supportive personality.

Crunch's primary colors are purple and black. When forming the gestalt form of Mighty Orbots, Crunch forms a boxy unit that forms the lower left leg. While connected, Crunch also serves as the back-up power source for the giant robot, and at times will detach so he can "chow down" on any available items to give his team mates a much-needed power boost.

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