Brave Engineer 1950

Casey Jones is the main protagonist in the 1950 film, The Brave Engineer. In the train yard at dawn, Casey Jones is sleeping in the cab wearing his robe and sleeping cap. He gets changed in his engineer outfit getting ready to deliver the mail (of course, he's in a hurry while doing so). Once the car was finished loading, Casey started the engine at a rather fast speed before the conductor could call all aboard. After going through a series of track switches, Casey Jones barely made it out of the train yard passing two other trains going opposite directions. Back in the cab, he is seen cleaning the dust off of the coal, and putting it in the boiler one piece at a time. His peace is soon interrupted, however, when the train is covered in a flood caused by rain, which made Casey "eight hours late." Paddling through the water, Casey finally made it out of the rain and back on the track.

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